December, the Month of Reflection


December is the most wonderful month of the year. It is the last month of the year, and the month that completes a circle of time. Apart from being the most exciting period of the year, it is also a month of Reflection, a time of Contemplation. This reflection is like looking at yourself in a mirror and seeing your life staring back at you. 

For me, a lot has happened in the year 2015. There have been some traumatic or dramatic periods, depending on how IMG_6193I look at the happenings. There were other experiences and events, likes and dislikes, anxieties and fears which have all come and gone!

On the other hand, there have been very exciting and uplifting events of which the sweet memories still warm my spirit. These include the wedding of my daughter, Tochi, to her soul mate, Dejan, and the coming together of all my family in Summer. There were relaxing trips to exotic places with my husband, Felix, and workshops on Self-Development that I conducted. What is common in these uplifting events was that they were periods of great loving, sharing, giving and joy! 

As we reflect, we begin to see a pattern – everything is subject to time. Time is defined as a measure in which events can be ordered from past through present. Everything comes and goes. Even when we get what we so much longed for, with time the excitement wears away. Everything we perceive or experience through our senses passes away. We realize that our worries, fears, anxieties, hurts, resentments, etc, are all subject to time. Our mortal life is subject to time. With time the mortal body passes away. 

What then is not subject to time?  That, whose experience does not pass away with time is your Real self – the Inner you – your God-self. Your God-self is not your physical body identified by your profession, nationality, colour, status or wealth.Unknown-3 God-self is ‘God in you‘ created in the image of God.
You need both, your physical and your God-self. The “God-self” has the ability to transcends time. It is capable of  maintaining lasting joy, peace and love that does not pass away with time. It is peaceful in times of tumult. It is joyous in any event and is very loving. It is that God image in us.

This loving God-self is what this period is about. “Emmanuel, God with us.” (Matt.1:23). December with the associated Christmas Season, and the expectation of a New Year, brings out the best in us, our Inner Self of  Hope, Love, Peace and Joy. Loving involves thanksgiving, sharing, giving and caring. This ultimately results in lasting Peace and Joy! It is up to us to get aware and nurture this inner self and carry it into the next year!


Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year 2016!

4 thoughts on “December, the Month of Reflection

  1. Dear Philomena & Family,

    Thank you very much for your kind Sean’s greetings and wishes. I enjoyed reading and reflecting on yours your philosophical and theological thought.

    Our family wants to wish you and yours a blessed, joyful and happy Holidays’ Season and a very Merry Xmas. May all the joys of this beautiful Season be yours.

    Lots of love, Sala, Ilunga & Family.

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