The Connectedness of all

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I see the world in all material and none material things around me. Everything and everyone are connected. We hear this all the time, but do we take a moment to think it over? This reminds me of the poem written by William Blake:

“To see the world in a Grain of Sand

And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,

Hold infinity in the palm of your hand

And Eternity in an hour.”

One morning in April 2005, while I was in Zanzibar, Tanzania, I woke up peaceful and made my morning devotions. I looked around me and felt grateful for everything. I zeroed in on the beautiful wooden carved bed I was lying on – this bed that provided rest for me. I visualized the tree from which it was made – that tree from somewhere in the forest of East Africa perhaps among the spices of this ‘Spice Island’.

That tree in the forest had received sunshine and rain to grow like all other living things at the time. That tree must have provided oxygen, fruits, or served as home to some animals, insects or birds.

Perhaps some parts of that tree had been used by some people to cook meals for their families. Perhaps some parts have been used to make furniture, or build a home for some family. 

The Zanzibari bed

The carvings on the bed had first been conceived in the mind of some local craftsman. That tree which is now my bed had been the hard work of some craftsmen whom I’ld never know and who would never know they were making it for me.  These men have fed their families with the proceeds from their workmanship. 

That tree, my bed has been polished or painted using bee’s wax or some other organic solutions.

 I went on to visualize  the web of connections with my mattress, the pillows and the sheets and the mosquito nets. I visualized the cotton farm, the laborers that picked the soft fluffy cotton. CSIRO_ScienceImage_10736_Manually_decontaminating_cotton_before_processing_at_an_Indian_spinning_mill.jpg I imagined the textile mills where even more laborers spun the cotton into yarns or thread and the production of the cotton textile – the textile which have now become the cover of my mattress, the bed sheets, and my mosquito net.

A textile mill

I could go on and on about the web of life’s activities connected to my bed. There will be no end to this ‘connectedness visualization’. It is like spinning a ‘Web of Connectivity’ of all things in the world.

My bed, your bed, could be the centre of the Universe!


7 thoughts on “The Connectedness of all

  1. …it is a great pleasure to follow thoughts of the extraordinary thinking intelligent person discovering new dimensions and horizons of Life…
    Thank very much, Philomena

    1. Thank you, Marina, for your nice comments. Yes, we have to use our minds and imaginations to see and feel the wonderful intricacies of the world around and not let our minds use us! Have a good day!

  2. Very interesting thought provoking connections of things we take for granted without thinking of the hands, brains, time and love interwoven into products and services we purchase and use daily. Great write up Philo

  3. Thank you, Terngu. It is unbelievable what we all take for granted. Thank you also, for subscribing to the site. I hope you find time to read the other posts on the blog. Have a blessed day.

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